SEALED FLOORS: For all areas having sealed surfaces, or on open or sealed concrete floors, spray regularly, weekly, or bi-monthly, using approx 1 gal to every 2500 to 3000 sq ft surface. Removes dust daily by wiping surfaces with a treated push-type dust mop.

WAXED FLOORS, UNWAXED PAINTED FLOORS, TERRAZO, MARBLE AND TILE FLOORS: These should never be sprayed. Merely wipe these surfaces daily with a treated push-type dust mop. For waxed asphalt and rubber tile floors, use only if surface is thoroughly waxed. Maintain waxed surface by daily sweeping with treated push-type dust mop. Use of this product in this fashion on waxed floors will reduce waxing from one fourth to one third amount otherwise required.

GYMNASIUM FLOORS: These should not be sprayed, but wiped regularly with treated push-type dust mop.

OLD OILED FLOORS: The use of this product alone will gradually bleed out old imbedded deposits of floor oil. Regular spraying and wiping alone, as recommended for sealed floors, will accomplish results.

HOW TO TREAT A PUSH-TYPE MOP: Divide the length of the mop head by three to find the correct amount to be used. For example a 24 inch mop head requires 8 ounces, and an 18 inch head 6 ounces, etc. Lay the mop head flat and pour this product into its canvas back, allowing time for thorough penetration. Let the mop stand 24 hours before using. When dirty, remove soiled mop head, wash out and when cleaned and dry, repeat same treatment and method. Treated push-type dust mops should rest with the head off the floor when not in use.

SPECIAL NOTE: When treating mops for wiping all waxed surfaces, gymnasium floors, marble, terrazzo, tile and unwaxed painted floors, use only half the amount as recommended in preceding paragraph. Mop heads are completely washable.


  • Controls dust-borne & air-borne bacteria
  • Waterless - Won’t warp or raise grain on wood floors
  • Removes rubber burns and other stubborn soil

  • Product CodePackaging
    25B90E Case of 6, 1-gallon jugs.
    25B90F 5 gal pail
    25B90H 30 gal drum
    25B90K 55 gal drum

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